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Two ground floor cabinets in the Victory Theatre exemplify genuine antique quality and style.  Regularly sourced from Europe, London and Australia, as well as international auction sites, this seasoned dealer’s collection is a must to see. Known as RMB, she specializes in jewellery dating from the 19thC Victoriana to Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco and mid to late 20th century.

Her experienced and discerning eye is coupled with a passion for and knowledge of jewellery styles and the bygone makers’ artistry.  An extraordinary selection of silver and gold jewellery ranges from bracelets, carved gemstone earrings, fobs, watches, French brooches,  Victorian lockets, bar brooches and cameos. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphire, rubies, garnets, pearls, malachite, turquoise,  marcasite and more, can be found in items that are rarely seen in the Australian market.  Alongside are period accessories for both women and men: hat pins, cufflinks, silver & glass buttons, metallic mesh bags, feathered fans, vestas, smoking paraphernalia, shoe hooks and small household items.  Larger scale ceramic vases include Royal Doulton and Art Nouveau glassware. RMB has established worldwide procurement contacts for her antiques.

Antique devotees can find her at all the major antique fairs in Australia. Her online business  was begun in 2012. Two periods she favours are The Grand Period of Victoriana (1860-1880), when mourning jewellery was popularized and the elegance of  Art Nouveau (1890-1910) when plant and insect designs were fashionable in jewellery. Collections from both eras are extensive. A unique selection of jewellery can be seen in the RMB cabinets in the Victory Theatre Antiques.      

19-21 Govetts Leap Road, Blackheath NSW 2785

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