Lalique Cabinet

In 1905 Rene Lalique opened his first shop, his status in ‘Fin-de-Siecle’ Paris attracting the patronage of the Rothschilds and Sarah Bernhardt, amongst others. Nearby was Coty’s ‘Parfums de Luxe’ for whom he designed bottles in the Art Nouveau style, as well as Worth, D’Orsay, and Guerlain.

Lalique (1860-1945) became France’s most celebrated glass artist. He began as a jeweller and while working with semi-precious gems, was so captivated by moonstone’s pale blue opalescence that he determined to emulate it in glass. It became the most renowned feature of his work.

In the 1920s & 1930s, the best of his Art Deco glass elegance reached throughout America, Europe, and England. Flora and Fauna and the human figure had inspired Rene Lalique. His original designs continued to be produced along with ‘modernist’ creations by both his son and granddaughter. The impressive ‘007’ cabinet is dedicated to Lalique and French glass.