Are books an antiquated form of reading? Not according to avid reader and bookshop dealer known as GTD, whose comprehensive selection of fiction, non-fiction, hardcover & paperback can be found in the corner shop at the front of Victory complex. Also, a long-time cinema ‘tragic’ GTD offers rare and highly collectible 20thC Golden Age of Cinema (and beyond) framed posters. Purchased in London and Europe from the 1960s onwards they are displayed alongside colourful prints by artists such as the late Martin Sharp from Sydney, with art exhibition posters from David Hockney and many others. Ginger Meggs, TinTin, the Beatles and Sci-Fi movie memorabilia are featured in cabinet displays, alongside signed first editions by authors such as Patrick White. An extensive movie, art posters and book collection yield up a seemingly limitless range of unexpected treasures from both the silver screen and literature.