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Ann Shop

A generous selection of large scale furniture, quality European period pieces, marble-topped turn-of-the-century oak sideboards, ‘collectable’ carpentry tools with original wooden-carved handles, huge old iron industrial hooks and metal workshop equipment – all go to make up the more traditional antiques found in the large ‘Ann’ shop on the ground floor. By contrast, an impressive array of 20thC ceiling lightshades, particularly 1960s, as well as chandeliers, sewing machines, mirrors, lamps, porcelain, bone china and floral chintz dinnerware can also be seen. On a smaller scale, an extensive perfume bottle collection, accessory items for women and men, jewellery, ornamental figurines & animals sit alongside 1930s Bakelite items, crystal vases and glassware. This ‘seasoned’ antique dealer and his family provide a very impressive and eclectic range of quality items.

19-21 Govetts Leap Road, Blackheath NSW 2785

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